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English Conversation Questions - This ESL site is all about quality ESL conversation questions.  It has questions for general topics and grammar points.  It also has questions to match with some commonly used ESL text books.  More resources for ESL teachers are also available.  Check this site out if you teach adults!


English with Jo - This ESL site offers a wide range of material that make preparing for a class or one on one lesson easy!  Business material, Conversation material and Debate material are just a few of the great resources offered.

Breaking News English - This ESL site offers daily lessons using news stories from around the world.  It has two printable lessons for each story. One lesson has 26 pages or we recommend using their 2 Page Mini Lesson. There are 6 levels and it also has the option of using the sites speed reading and speed listening activities.

Teaching ESL to Adults – An ESL tutor's website with resources for teaching adults ESL, including lesson plans, grammar tips, cloze exercises, English pronunciation tips, and ESL textbook evaluations.

The Effortless English Blog - EFFORTLESS ENGLISH BLOG & VIDEO PODCAST BY A.J. HOGE.  Video and blog posts teaching everything you need to know about learning English.


blog-and-video-podcast ​- This page offers 30 lessons on the principles of grammar.  The site also has learning material for all areas of English.  Check it out and you will definitely find some great material and ideas for your English classes!


ESL Teacher Resources​

Video and blog posts teaching everything you need to know about learning English.
Basics of English grammar

ESL Teaching Material




ESL Teaching Jobs: For Korea


eslcafe - This is probably the most popular ESL job site in the world.  Most ESL jobs, in Korea, on this site are for full time private academies and university jobs in Korea. The site also has a LOT of other information that ESL teachers can benefit from!

worknplay - This is a very popular site for ESL jobs in Korea.  Most jobs are for part time or short term work, however, full time jobs and public school jobs are also common.  If you have an F6 vise (marriage visa), this site offers a lot of job opportunities.  There is also lots of information on living in

ESLROK - This new site has a great look and is increasing in popularity.  You'll find ESL jobs faster in South Korea with their one-click search tools. Users can filter jobs by contract type, location, student type and more.





ESL Teaching Degrees/Certicifates 


Education Degree - The most complete directory on the web of teacher education degree and certificate programs. It includes over 20,000 teacher education degree and certificate programs, offered by over 1,700 colleges and school districts across the US, reviewed and compiled by hand from the college and district websites.